Tools of the Trade.... 


Cases for the equipment and two Dell laptops, mini notebook for portablitliy and one XPS for its speed, video and pictures



Canon digital camera, ghost box, HD digital infra-red camcorder with IR flashlight



Two-way radios used when setting DVR system and knowing where team members are at all times



Digital voice recorders, KII meters used to pick-up electromagnetic fields, Mel meter EMF with temperature (a high-grade KII does the same things)



We have several laser grids used to track movement in total dark rooms and hallways.



 E-POD-AMP used to pick-up electrical changes in a room from negative to positive electrical charges.



Headlamps, IR thermometer, extra SD cards, and a blue light



Extra batteries, tripods, tools, recorder wrist straps, 5-hour energy (a must)



These are just a few of the flashlights we use.



Digital Video Recorder  case and hardware. Used to record  video with its four Infared cameras allow us to record in total darkness. It has a 500 gig hard drive and a monitor to watch live and over a thousand feet of camera cable.



We use several types of cameras to record pictures and video. Here we have a Nikon SLR digital camera and a modified Fuji full spectrum camera with two infra-red and full spectrum illuminators